Ginger Shoes and Bags is professional footwear B2B market player. For many years we built trust long-term cooperation with over 30 reliable manufactories in China, therefore, all our products meet the highest standards, however, in the same time constantly we make sure that the client will not have any claims after the delivery of products to his country.
About Us
Our company is based in Guangzhou - the world capital of women's shoes
It allows us to quickly get access to all new materials, outsoles and accessories. Thanks to this, the production time of new developing samples takes 15 days only.
Order Process
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Production QC
HD video and pics will be uploaded on Cloud disk accourding your require
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Our designers are constantly drawing inspiration...
....from the latest trends from the world of Western fashion

In the production of footwear, we strive to use high quality, environmentally friendly materials that can pass tests for the TÜV or SGS certificate.

Our main goal is to produce high-quality and comfortable shoes on time so that your customers return to you again and again. Thus, we develop our business together with your business as a partnership.
Why choose us?
We are focused on producing only high-quality shoes
Our company always takes into account the customer's requirements for quality control, and the whole process of making an order is strictly controlled by our qualified inspectors
We are always up to date with the latest fashion trends
This allows us to create unique and fresh collections, as well as use relevant materials
Our designers are constantly studying the latest information on the vastness of Instagram and the WGSN portal
And later they apply it in samples, implement this knowledge into the creation of collections
Our managers are always ready to help the client, answer questions and personally visit clients to present new collections
All managers have a high level of English proficiency, so you will not have problems with the communication
More than 10 years on the market
We cooperate with many factories throughout China, receiving the best offer in terms of price-quality proportion
The shortest production time
From the approval of samples to the shipment of products only 45 days