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How to reduce logistics costs by 50%
We are all in the midst of a recovery from the pandemic and its associated restrictions, which in turn has disrupted many supply chains and increased shipping rates around the world.
According to experts, high rates for the transportation of freight containers will remain high throughout 2022*.

Therefore, in our company Ginger Shoes and Bags, we have analyzed and offer our customers to consider the following ways to optimize and reduce logistics costs.


Currently, in order to remain competitive, every company must plan and place its orders in China months earlier than it used to be. By placing orders early, you have more time to avoid the high shipping season before the Chinese holidays

Cooperate only with reliable suppliers who keeps delivery dates and order quality on high level

Due to the new coronavirus restrictions, ships cannot enter ports for a long time and ships often approach very late.
However, in the shoe business, the arrival of goods on store shelves outside the beginning of the season leads to large losses in sales. Therefore, we advise you to place an orders in advance 2-3 months before the planned date of shipment.

Don't Pay For Air
Refuse the cardboard box for a pair of shoes, or use a folding box. This is one of the few life hacks where your shipping costs are actually reduced by 40%
Keep up to 40% volume with bags packing
If you will pack shoes without shoe boxes it allowed saving $8000 USD on freight fee
Be in trend and use recyclable materials in your business
Accurate loading to fit more
Confirm overall sizes of the cartons before order for more accurate loading to avoid free spaces in container
Folded shoe box
If you still do not want to give up shoe boxes, then you can use a folding box which will be sent unfolded and separately

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It is time to go without experiments and keep on shelves only models with strong commercial success
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